ATF Raids FFL Dealers Selling Rare Breed Triggers

Rare Breed Raid

The ATF is actively going to dealers selling Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 and issuing a cease and desist. Any triggers in stock must be surrendered. The ATF is also asking dealers to contact the ATF within 5 days with a plan for addressing those triggers already distributed. Below is an example of the cease and desist dealers have received.

2 thoughts on “ATF Raids FFL Dealers Selling Rare Breed Triggers

  1. Jon Van Buren says:

    Dear Loomis Firearms,
    I am looking to purchase the Rare Breed FRT trigger, newest generation with 3 select functions.
    I am able to pay cash and drive to Oregon to pick up. Let me know if you can help
    Thank You

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