How to avoid transfer fees

Avoid transfer fees

Nobody likes to pay extra fees. If you want to avoid transfer fees, the solution is simple. Stop buying firearms online and instead order them directly from your local gun shop. Simple right?

You may not know, but your local gun shop can order just about any new firearm. They can also usually acquire firearms quicker than you ordering online and having them shipped to your local gun shop. Believe it or not, online gun stores order from the same suppliers as your local gun shop. More often than not, the online stores drop ship from the same suppliers that your local gun shop has a relationship with instead of actually carrying any inventory. The result is the online shop does very little work and claims most of the profit, leaving all the work to your local gun shop. The online shops don’t care about you or provide the service that your local gun shop does. Their goal is simply to steal business from all the local gun stores.

The next time your are in the market for a firearm, contact your local gun shop first. If they don’t have in stock what you want, they can most likely order it for you in short order. And most of the time they can meet or beat the online prices (after you factor in the shipping and transfer fees you would have paid). The sale stays local so your local gun shop can keep their doors open for years to come, and you usually end up with the best deal. Everyone wins!

Loomis Firearms would love to earn your business. Before your order a firearm online, please contact us. Most of the time we can meet or beat the online shops (after factoring in all fees you would have paid to transfer).

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