Expect longer background check line in Oregon

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The Oregon Firearms Instant Check System (FICS) for processing firearms background checks for Oregon residents has been getting longer and longer the past several months. It’s over 2,700 people long as of this writing. And the short line, as I call it, for concealed handgun license holders is the longest I have ever seen it (over 100). That means very few people will leave with the firearm(s) they purchased (except for the lucky few with completely unique names who get processed automatically without hitting the line).

As of this writing, it is taking approximately 6-8 hours to get through the short line (CHL holders) and about 2 weeks to get through the long line. If the trend continues, this will continue to get worse.

I suspect the cause for the increased lines are renewed panic buying. Libtards continue to threaten the gun rights of law abiding citizens because it “feels right” to them. Their actions are not guided by facts or logic, but rather a warm fuzzy feeling inside their deranged heads. Also, the ATF, directed by the socialist Biden administration, has been illegally raiding firearm dealers and individual citizens across the union. The ATF now has a zero tolerance policy regarding any arbitrary rules they decide to make up. They are out to revoke as many federal firearms licenses (FFL) as possible. Sounds like a modern day Gestapo to me.

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