ATF Raids Tommy Triggers

Tommy Tigger Raid

According to the Tommy Triggers website, their FRT-15-3MD triggers were confiscated by the ATF on Friday along with their upgrade kits. Directly from the Tommy Triggers website:

The FRT-15-3MD triggers will not be available until further notice. The triggers that we had stocked up on were kindly taken by the ATF this afternoon thus no triggers in stock. The ATF said that the triggers were machine guns.

The ATF gave me a cease and desist on manufacturing any more of the FRT-15-3MD triggers or selling them till such time if the courts find that it is not a machine gun.

This has been a worry of Rare Breed Triggers (the patent holder for forced reset triggers) from the beginning. Not only have companies like Tommy Triggers committed patent infringement, but now they could be jeopardizing legal ownership of forced reset triggers for everyone.

Rare Breed Triggers has spent the time and money to fight the ATF and will continue to do so. Unfortunately this is now jeopardized by the raid at Tommy Triggers. Tommy Triggers could fold under pressure from the ATF setting precedence that will hurt everyone with a forced reset trigger. This is a strong argument for why you should support Rare Breed Triggers and stay away from copycat companies just trying to make a quick buck.

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