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ZRO Delta AR15 Lower Parts Kit, Complete


ELG stands for 'Enhanced Longitudinal Grind'. Our new lower parts kits have set the standard when it comes to out-of-the-box mil-spec performance for Original Equipment Manufacturers. At the heart of this kit stands the longitudinally-ground trigger, which is machined in-line with the direction of pull along the long axis of the trigger. What results is a 32RMS finish or better, which provides two significant advantages over standard mil-spec kits: a smoother pull with reduced grittiness, and an enhanced starting platform for performing a trigger job. All black parts in the kit are phosphate coated. We do not use coatings that will rust over time like black oxide.

ELG Fire Control Group (Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector)
Circle Pattern magazine release assembly
Hammer Spring
Trigger Spring
Disconnector Spring
Pivot Pin Spring
Takedown Pin Spring
Buffer Retainer Spring
Selector Spring
Bolt Catch Spring
Magazine Catch Spring
Mil-Spec Selector
Mil-Spec Bolt Catch
Takedown Pin
Takedown Pin Detent
Pivot Pin
Pivot Pin Detent
Trigger Pin
Hammer Pin
Selector Pin
Bolt Catch Coil Pin
Bolt Catch Buffer
Buffer Retainer
A2 Grip
Hex-head Grip Screw
Lock washer
Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Roll Pin

This product is 100% Made in the USA.

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